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Change Of Material That Came With The Wooden Watches

As is the case with the passage of time, people tend to use newer materials to work with the common applications.  Wooden watches are thus a novelty in use of material in coming out with a watch that is functional as well as ground breaking enough to draw the extra attention.  It is not every day that you come across people that use a wooden watch and it does deserve the attention and the extra focus that would come their ways. wooden watches

The evolution of materials to come out as wooden watches

The prime need for a watch case is to provide an outer covering that is robust and strong enough to with stand the normal bangs and knocks that a normal watch would undergo in the daily use and grind.  It thus goes without saying that the outer cover must be hardy enough and the use of wood to bring about a watch case that does provide the same protection to the working innards as would a metal case that is conventionally in use, points to the advances in technology as well as the thinking.

Thus wood can be considered to be hard and tough enough to make the outer covering of most watch outers and is often a more novel way of expressing oneself.  That it is not every day that people get to come across watches in wood point to the sheer exclusive nature of such watches.  It must be said that credit must be given where it is due and the introduction of the wooden watch would be seen as advances in both the working with material as well as a changed approach to materials.

The novelty and its use in society

People often take to using a new substance for the contrasts and differences that it presents to the field. Thus a wooden watch was no doubt ground breaking that people took notice immediately.  It was thus an instant hit so to speak.  There is no disputing the surprise value that a wooden watch produce in the onlookers and people that need to make a strong statement took to this new material in large numbers.

It is more of a surprise factor that the introduction of a wooden watch brought about.  The first uses did see signs of disbelief and awe.  It was hardly thought possible to do a watch case completely in wood and such an application was not considered possible for a long time, principally due to the fragility of wood compared to the machining that goes into the making of a wooden watch or time piece.wooden watches

The future needs and applications

It the past in any given field is to go by then certainly the future would portend a lot more disruptive use of materials and applications.  Thus a wooden watch would soon cease to be a novelty or something different that people take it to be.  It would be a case of newer material taking over the coveted role and place.